3 DIY Fermented Foods For A Happy Tummy

Whether it's antibiotics or pasteurization, we've put up quite a shield to guard ourselves against bacteria. But, while it's good to have these microorganism warriors in place, it's essential to replenish some of the good bacteria in your system, too. So, one of the easiest (and tastiest) ways to do that is by adding fermented foods to your diet.
These enzymatic eats have been known to improve digestion, which in turn aids the absorption of nutrients you're consuming, too. Suffering from a condition like IBS or an intolerance to lactose? You guessed it — fermented foods can be Mother Nature's medicine. And, as an added bonus, they are extremely inexpensive to make! With that in mind, we tapped chef Nick Lacasse of Pure Kitchen Catering for some fermentation inspiration.
From a zesty kimchi to a decadent crème fraîche to a refreshing fruit-infused kombucha, you'll be able to whip all of them up in a matter of minutes. Lacasse even shows you how to serve these fermented goodies alongside other foods (pork shoulder with lemongrass risotto anyone?). So, tie up that apron and get ready to turn that grumbling tummy into a healthy one.

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