I DIY: A Quick Craft To Bring Some Flair To Your Army Jacket

Remember iron-ons? Collecting, swapping, and committing to heat-adhesive patches were one of our favorite childhood memories. Unfortunately, anyone who participated in the trend knows just how frustrating it was to realize you weren't as into certain add-ons, say, that System of a Down patch, as you used to be, and couldn't just peel it off your backpack without leaving a huge glue mark...or hole.
Thankfully, now in 2012, we are an advanced species, friends. Because the multi-patch-jacket look is making a comeback in a huge way — in the form of stars, stripes, and chevrons on army jackets — we bring you a solution where you don't have to completely sacrifice a good jacket to get the look. In one of our easiest DIYs ever, we'll show you how to turn those patches into removable pins, so you can go between a Magpie Major look and your Simple Sergeant whenever the mood strikes.

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