5 Things To Know This AM — Jun 06 2012

Do you have $4.5 million to blow and an yen for something a tad more retro? Consider being the owner of a brand-new state of the art motel on the border of MiMo...or maybe just tearing it down and starting anew. For sale!
(Miami Curbed)

Disney Dreams do come true — unless you are dressed like Peter Pan, in which case, get in line, sister.
(NBC Miami)

First Jersey Shore and now Ocho and Eve? Looks like Miami isn't too fond of sprinkling their Magic City dust on reality stars — not even for a planned nuptial. (Huffington Post Miami)
Speaking of Disney, an imaginative nerd considered what it would be like if Ariel, Belle, Mulan, and more became fierce, battling video game heroines. Our pick? Jasmine. Duh! (io9)
Keep your eyes out for RDJ, Gwyneth, and more, because Marvel's own Iron Man 3 seems to be touching down for filming in our fair city. Yeah, we don't blame Tony Stark either. (Reddit)
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Photo: Via io9

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