New Tool Lets You See How Photoshopped Models Really Are

You know that little game you play where you look at the latest cover of InStyle and try to guess exactly what the in-house retouching team did to Terri Hatcher’s strangely Play-Doh-soft face (or is that just us)? Well, fans of super-fun Photoshop speculation and those trying to protect our daughters from the body-image-warping influence of digitally thinned, wrinkle-free cover girls may finally have a scientific method to measure the extent of computer-aided beauty enhancements.
Image forensics researchers at Dartmouth College have created a pretty solid mathematical model for tracing such Photoshop alterations and have applied it to dozens of magazine covers and ads. While the team has yet to produce a handy app using the formula (an app which we would totally use every day), their findings do pave the way for a clearer, more objective approach to cataloging and studying the effect such images have on the psyche – effects that are much discussed, but truly unknown. It’s a big step toward understanding this controversial issue… and helping us waste even more time with our little game. (Wired)

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