Would You Switch Zodiac Signs If You Had The Chance?

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I've always been a Capricorn. I've always acted like one (hello, as a child, I used a kitchen timer to keep track of every step in my bedtime routine). And I'm darn proud of my sign. The rest of my birth chart isn't too shabby, either, but I love that my sun sign, the sign that I read my horoscope for, is an earth sign that's known for its dry wit, work ethic, and, er, intensity.
I always assumed most people were similarly happy, or at least content, with their astrological identity. But, when I looked beyond myself and my undying Capricorn pride, I found a divide in the astrological fans on Reddit and in the R29 readership. For every person like me, whose pride in one's astrological identity runs deep, there's someone else who'd much rather be a different sign altogether.
Some of these people named an alternative sign that they felt better represented their personality. Others bemoaned the generic traits associated with their actual sign and stated that they'd be happy being any of the others. As overblown and untrue as stereotypes about the signs can be, they certainly have a way of needling at us.
To those who'd change their astrological identity tomorrow if they could, I recommend checking out your birth chart — you might realize your planetary signs speak to you more than your sun. And, to those of you who are like me and could sing the praises of their sign all day, I understand — but all of us should probably relax a little.
Ahead, read what Redditors and R29 readers had to say about the sign they'd choose for themselves.

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