5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 26 2012

While everyone else tries to find the perfect red and pink underthings to wear on February 14, we'd happily slip into this jewel-encrusted number from the cover of Vogue Turkey on V-day...in our dreams. (Fashion Copious)
Next time you get your half-caff soy latte with 2.5 pumps of vanilla syrup from Starbucks, you can do so knowing that the brand supports marriage equality. (The Frisky)
Rejoice, the elusive technology of smell-o-vision might actually be near! Check out this little robot that emits customizable scents that alert you to tweets, emails, or anything else you want your olfactory sense to pick up on. (Cool Hunting)
You might have seen these nail-art stamp kits in stores and wondered if they actually worked. Here's proof that they do deliver on the goods. Trust, the results are surprisingly chic. (Craft Magazine)
Looks like the Louboutin x YSL feud is still going strong. At a recent hearing, the divine Diane von Furstenberg came to court in support of CL, along with loads of fans decked out in their favorite red soles who wanted to "vote with their feet." If only people were this passionate about, you know, actually voting. (Fashionista)
Photo: Via Fashion Copious

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