5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 26 2011

Consider us creeped out. Polish artist Ewelina Koszykowski makes paintings of Barbies and My Little Ponies that have just a bit of a demonic vibe. (Animal New York)
Buying clothes for the men in your life is about as easy as typing with your feet. Here are a few tips for buying your guy the perfect shirt, which will definitely make your next trip the the men's department a little easier.(Beauty And Fashion Tech)
We wish we looked as glam and carefree as these beach girls, but we bet it wasn't 104 degrees when these pics were taken. (Disney Roller Girl)
Thanks to perfumer Lubin, you can now smell like Marie Antoinette, and no, it doesn't smell like cake. (Shine)
How are you feeling about the "Catherine Factor" of dressing, featuring narrow waists, sheer pantyhose, and printed shirts? (New York Times)

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