This Picture Proves That Demi Moore Is Aging Backwards

Is there something we don't know? We thought the spring of immortality was destroyed in Tuck Everlasting. Well apparently Demi Moore stumbled upon another fountain of youth, and she's been drinking the water for a couple years now. While the tabloids incessantly comment on her looks, we're finally chiming in—this photo proves that she really doesn't age, or if she does it's in the opposite direction. On Friday night, the star was out with her husband Ashton Kutcher at the PlusCity Charity Gala in Pasching, Austria, wowing onlookers with her Victoria Beckham dress and eye-catching Judith Leiber clutch, and, of course, her man—in fact, we're officially calling them the hottest couple ever. At 47, Moore denies she's had any work done on her face: "It just irritates me that people are constantly saying how much I've spent on plastic surgery," she says. Truth be told, we feel she looks better now than she did in her St. Elmo's Fire days, and however Ms. Benjamin Button is doing it, we want in. But hey, we're not picky—we'd be willing to settle for Ashton.

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