Best of the Week, December 1 – December 5

best-of-week-refiner29-1205March Madness!: Whether mildly military or full-on Sgt. Pepper, the red coat is not just for the Nutcracker this holiday season.
Cheap Thrill, Mayle Bag: This houndstooth tote is roomy, chic, and ephemeral... Get it before Mayle is — deep breath — no more.
My Fair Lady: Add a flourish of '20s flapper to any holiday outfit with a plumed headband or a veiled comb. It's chic in one go.
Nails Trend: Don't nail yourself down — getting ROYGBIV with your nail polish options is all the rage. Don't you love when indecision becomes a colorful fashion statement?
Halfway House: The punk semi-shaved hairdo is re-emerging! This time, it's, thankfully, unaccompanied by other characteristic punk accoutrement (chains/leather/bullish attitude).
America Votes: Ooooh! The fashion illustrations for Michelle Obama [hypothetical] inauguration gowns! Peruse, pick your favorite, and send us your fashion ballot.
Chain Gang: You know how necklace chains get all tangled if you don't place them separately in an orderly independent way? Well, if you drape them over a light fixture, turns out they look beautiful instead of getting you frustrated.
On the List: Luckily for you, we've provided ya with this very trusty gift guide of well-selected items for under $100. You're welcome.
OK Computer: Shouldering the computer case — it's kinda like having a second handbag. Your macbook should be sheathed as stylishly as you are, no?
Happy Feet: You'll be very proud to show off your well-dressed feet when your finicky friend makes you take your boots off in the hallway.

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