Death Wish Coffee Is The Second Small Business To Get A Super Bowl Ad

Photo: Courtesy of Death Wish Coffee Company.
Want to buy a Super Bowl ad? A 30-second spot could run you as much as $50 million, according to some estimates. That cost keeps most businesses, big and small, from even entertaining the idea of buying airtime for a commercial.

But for Death Wish Coffee Company, a small business in upstate New York, the unthinkable has come true. The company, which made its name from selling "the strongest coffee in the world" (two times more caffeinated than your average brew!) is boldly going where only one other small business has gone before. Like toy company GoldieBlox before it, Death Wish Coffee is getting its own Super Bowl ad after winning a contest sponsored by Intuit Quickbooks.

With over 15,000 other small businesses hoping to get their own game day spot, the odds were bleak. But thanks to plenty of votes from loyal fans, Death Wish Coffee was rewarded every step of the way, eventually finding out they made it to the top three.

Then, while filming a behind-the-scenes look at the business, representatives from Intuit TurboTax shared some good news: Death Wish Coffee was going to the Super Bowl:
If you don’t want to wait until the big game, you can go ahead and watch the commercial now — and you may also want to place your order for some of their strong brew, stat. We imagine that after the exposure of 100 million eyeballs, they might be seeing a jump in demand.

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