Finally! Hair Products That Don’t Confuse The Heck Out Of Us

Have you ever picked up a beauty product, read the label, and still had absolutely no clue what the hell the product actually does? "Silky glossening serum-in-oil spray for luscious locks." Okay, that sounds very pretty and all, but what do we use this for? Marketing terms have gotten so out of control, half the time we're completely at a loss about if the product is right for our manes, and, if so, what it will do to them. Can't someone just give it to us straight for once?
That's exactly what Davines new More Inside styling collection aims to do. The 16-piece line of gels, sprays, mousse, and pomades tells you exactly what it is and what kind of effect it creates on hair. This new line replaces the brand's somewhat hard-to-decipher Defining and For Wizards ranges and replaces it with brand-new products — with the exception of Oil Non Oil and Sea Salt Spray, which have transitioned over and been given some pretty new packaging.
Ah, yes, the packaging. It's kind of brilliant: Each tube, bottle, and jar is wrapped in a handmade, artisan paper. The idea was to make each "package" reminiscent of the bygone days when shopkeepers would lovingly wrap parcels up in paper before handing them to the customer. The paper itself is meant to evoke the patterns and feel of vintage fabrics. Don't worry: It's FSC certified, meaning it comes from responsibly managed forests and adheres to the Zero Impact Project of LifeGate, so you don't have to feel wasteful about your decadent tress treat.
But, that's not all: Once you unwrap the paper, you'll see that printed on the back are detailed instructions and diagrams on not only how exactly to apply the product, but where on your head to use it. Couple that with a non-flaking, extra-moisturizing, bounce-inducing formula and you've got the makings of a styling superstar. We also just started to feel a lot better about our reading comprehension skills.
Click through to see a few of our favorite products from the line.

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