14 People Who Want To Be Reality Stars

Judging by the number of reality shows (getting more esoteric by the minute), there is no shortage of Americans who want to become famous by any means necessary. If you have a great voice, you're extremely fat, you've got a heroin addiction, have a yearning for a sex-change, or need to resuscitate a career through Donald Trump, a TV program is looking for you. Brooklyn-based photographer David Kimelman, a former Art Director at incredibly scurrilous Star magazine, is capitalizing on our boob tube obsession with a series of portraits, Reality Wanted, that feature people who want to be cast on reality shows. According to Kimelman, rather then possessing any discernible talent, "many of the people I photographed just want to have a television show made about their lives," and as such, are snapped in their own clothes, posing with "minimal direction." This morning, Flavor Wire took some of the subjects and grouped them according to which reality show they thought they should be in, so we decided to round up our faves and compare them to "celebrities" that are already overly familiar with confessionals. Oh, by the way, Kimelman is still casting...shoot an email to casting@davidkimelman.com if you think you've got something on Snooki.
Click through to see our top picks; Don't forget to tell us which reality stars YOU think these peeps look like.

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