A Private Session With Tress Trendsetter Danilo

As hair gurus go, celebrity stylist Danilo is in a league of his own. The superstar stylist, who counts Gwen Stefani as a personal friend and client, is responsible for some of the most creative, stunning, and all-around beautiful hairstyles on the red carpet, in movies, and on the runway. He's also the man behind such wonderfully whack-a-doo styles as Lady Gaga's Diet Coke can rollers from her "Telephone" video and Rooney Mara's Girl With The Dragon Tattoo makeover. Crazy, yes, but did we covet that kind of intrigue for ourselves? Totally.
When he's not palling around with Gwen and her brood, this pioneering 'do designer is hard at work as a brand ambassador for Pantene. His expansive expertise in all things hair means he's got plenty of clever tricks to help tame your tresses. Read on to check out what he has to say about working with Hollywood's A-List and which hairstyles you're going to be seeing lots of come spring, and score his best tips for creating gorgeous hair.

How did you first get started with hair?
"I was invited into the inner hair sanctum by the head trainers at Vidal Sasson. From there, I learned how to use my imagination and create a reality with my hands at John Dellaria in New York. It was at that point that I became vice-president and artistic director at Oribe, where super hair careers were created alongside supermodels. Seasonally I’ve done 17 shows in NYC and Milan, plus I had a tenure heading the house at Chez Mugler for the final 10 years of Thierry Mugler."

You've worked with some of the most creative people on some of the most iconic hairstyles of the past decade. Which ones were most memorable to you?
"Some of my favorites include: Mars Attacks!, Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video, all of Gwen Stefani's projects, the Absolut Versace ad by Herb Ritts, Rooney Mara in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and my 10 years as chief coiffure at Thierry Mugler."

What products are absolute must-haves in your kit?
"I use and adore a gel line called Moco de Gorila, a.k.a Gorilla Snot. It is the bomb and comes in different strengths. The “snot” is a green-yellow color and the label is an image of snot dripping from the nose of a gorilla. It was obviously designed and packaged with a certain customer in mind. Be it beautiful to the eye or not, it achieves dramatic effects and easily washes out, all for a minimal price and maximum finish. I also love the Pantene Pro-V Restore Beautiful Lengths Smoothing Balm because it’s fantastic for achieving all day frizz control. Whether using it on dry or wet hair, this product provides great results and adds a beautiful shine."


What's the number one mistake you think most women make when styling their hair?
"The biggest mistake people make is neglecting their hair’s health. With a healthy head of hair, a woman can adapt her style to different trends. To me, the most important trend is healthy hair, which gives you the ability to wear all types of hairstyles."

What's the best piece of advice you have for women who are growing their hair out?
"Get seasonal trims and introduce a consistent hair care regimen that addresses your hair type and desired style. Also, invest in a deep conditioning treatment and incorporate that into your hair care regimen 2 - 4 times a month. Look for a scalp mask and treat your scalp to a massage for cleansing and nutrition. Last but not least, prioritize when working with styling tools. State-of-the-art tools offer better protection and results when styling, which is a great way to hide a grown-out haircut as you move into the next length or shape."

What are some big hair trends for spring?
"I saw a lot of effortless chic during Fashion Week and styles that were simple, clean, and not complicated. A slicked-back ponytail is always a classic when times get trying. That said, there was also a play on hair placement and the introduction of brilliant colors. An ongoing trend is the nod to '70s Euro-chic hair, a voluptuous wave that’s set shiny and is enviable — think YSL/Helmut Newton/Guy Bordin."

Is there a hair trend that you're just plain sick of seeing?
"I have issues with styling for a particular face shape: square, diamond, circle, etc. It sends a message that you need to soften your face shape and that it's a problem. Personally, I say wear it loud and proud!"

What's one thing people don't know about you?
"I was an Eagle Scout! However, there are many things people don't know about me and they will stay that way."

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