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These Chips Taste Like Rice Krispies & Bugles Had A Snack Baby & We're Obsessed

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
Photo: Courtesy of Dang.
What's on my desk this week? Only one of the GSOAT (i.e. Greatest Snacks Of All Time): Dang's Sticky-Rice Chips. Because sticky-rice alone may be one of the greatest food inventions of all time, this chip form follows suit with full GSOAT status. Now I love chips in all shapes and forms (be it veggie, coconut, potato, or even beet), but recently I'd begun to feel like I'd seen them all. Really been there, munched that — ya know? So when a box appeared containing these strange and exotic little crisps, I was overcome with intrigue. And above all, hunger.
Let's start with the packaging: simple, sleek, and moldable like aluminum foil (for an easily fold and reseal). Once opened, a smooth nutty, buttery scent floated out of the bag that was alarmingly pleasing (to myself and my desk mates). The chips looked like quarter sized puffed rice cakes and felt weightless in the palm of my hand. The taste and texture? Like Rice Krispies had a baby with Bugles. So, impossible to put down. I sampled all three of the available flavors — Original (buttery), Sriracha Spice (hint of nutty heat), and Coconut Crunch (sweet and salty) — and found each to be uniquely delectable and intensely crave-able.
Each bag is packed with a batch of Thai coconut milk sticky-rice and sesame seeds that have been soaked in watermelon juice, crisped up for a "bottom-of-the-pan" toasty quality, and then seasoned to the nines for an ultimate flavor factor. Gluten, dairy, and soy-free, these chips are running the healthy-delicious snack game. So go, grab as many bags as you can online for just $3.99 — you'll be glad you did.
*Pro Tip: Stock UP.
Welcome to Snack On This! A weekly series on all-things crunchy, crispy, smooth, savory, and sweet. Join us as we munch our way through the latest snacks that get a big thumbs up from our food team. (That usually means they've made it all the way from our mail pile to a more permanent spot in our not-so-official snack drawer.) Got suggestions for next week? Throw 'em our way in the comments below.

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