Daily Diversion: People With Lana Del Rey Lips

Whether you love her or think she's horrendously overhyped, there's one thing concerning singer Lana Del Rey about which we can all agree on – them lips are cray-cray! Genetic or synthetic, that mouth has been talked about almost as much as the music that comes out of it – and with good reason.
Lana's career took off only after she ditched her earlier persona (Lizzy Grant) and emerged with a new look, sound, moniker, and those improbably plump lips. Since they did so much for her, one can only assume that a pair of LDRLs would give a boost to anyone, be they Angelina Jolie, Justin Bieber, or George Clooney. Thankfully, someone has created People With Lana Del Rey Lips, a Tumblr proving that, yes, everyone – Shakira, Nicolas Sarkozy, you – could greatly benefit from adopting Ms. Del Rey's puffy pout. We'll let you know when "People With Lana Del Rey Noses" comes out. (People With Lana Del Rey Lips)
Images: Courtesy People With Lana Del Rey Lips

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