Daily Diversion: I Am Packed Is The Selby For Trip-Takers

If The Selby has taught us anything, it is that people like looking at other people's stuff. It's true. Whether it's an obsessively organized closet, a gorgeous and well-assembled workplace, or apparently, according to our newly bookmarked site I Am Packed, the way we get ready for a trip, people want to see your stuff.
This blog chronicles the ways dudes get their duds together for a vacay, itemizing all of the crucial goods they deem worthy of taking with them on their journeys. Photographed from above before being packed (neatly, we'd assume) into their always-awesome bags, the site lists out the who, what, and where of each traveler. And as seemingly mundane looking at a bunch of boys' stuff sounds, the gorgeously stacked and folded shirts, pants, ties and books laid out and ready to be bagged are oddly fascinating — and feel surprisingly intimate. Which is a good reminder that being on-the-go doesn't need to be a harrowing experience —and that guys may in fact be the more organized gender.

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