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Nail Art That’s Easier To DIY Than It Looks

Become a nail-art pro with this easy tutorial from R29 and one of the best nail artists in the game.

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Nail art has gotten a bad rap for being difficult to do at home — and understandably so. From sushi designs to 3-D embellishments to something called the Nailympics, it's natural to assume you'd need to hire a pro artist to paint such a tiny canvas. But, judging by what we've seen on the runways, things are moving away from in-your-face and getting more low-key — and we're breaking down one of our favorite looks for you right here. With the help of nail-art guru Miss Pop and some inspiration from Fashion Week, we created a simple cutout manicure — which essentially uses the negative space around a design to enhance it without screaming, "Look, nail art!" Not only is this mani crazy-easy (seriously, all you need is artist tape and polishes from essie's latest winter collection), it's also a great way to sneak in a pop of color and some cutouts, even if you work in a traditional corporate environment. So click on and watch. Now you're the pro. Written by Jada Wong and Yesenia Almonte, Nail expertise by Miss Pop, Makeup by Anna Pfleghaar, Styled by Haley Loewenthal, Photographed by Tom Chaves, Shot by Matt Donovan.
Negative Space Manicure - Cool Beauty Trend 2015Released on October 20, 2015

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