Nailympics Takes Nail Art To A Whole New Disturbing Level

No matter how many trend pieces herald the death of nail art, decorated digits really aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Sure, the fashion world may have fallen out of love with all things nail art, but there is still a very rabid, dedicated fan base for all things drawn/glued on. Some of us are even starting to feel pretty good about our skills, i.e. the ability to layer lacquers without it looking like a drunken craft project. Well, if you're feeling sassy about your talent, maybe you should think about taking it to the next level. Like, you know, the Nailympics. Yes, there is such a thing.
As the teams were working hard for the gold in Sochi, nail artists from around the world traveled far and wide to compete in a claws-out competition that takes the manicure to a whole new level.USA Today reported on the mani-centric games, which just came to a close in Rome. Nailympics enthusiasts call the truly ornate styles "fantasy," and we're inclined to agree, evoking fantastic images of the Edward Scissorhands variety.
Even though some of the manicures were simple gel tips polished within an inch of their brief lives, others went beyond looking polished. Clearly some of the more fantastical of these works of art are not for IRL, but that doesn't mean we can't ooh and aah over the creativity and skill (and, alright, craziness) that went into crafting them.
Watch the video above to see some of the most jaw-dropping nail creations. Your eyes will not believe what they are seeing. (USA Today)

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