Beauty Test Lab: Could These Curling Pods Give Us Perfect Waves?

Sigh. The age-old quest for perfect curls does not seem to be coming to an end any time soon. If you were born with straight, fine, or flat hair, chances are that you're tried many different methods to add curl, wave, or body into your hair. And while each option has its devotees, there seems to be no real consensus on the best bet.
So, the aforementioned quest for "better, faster, stronger" curls (Kanye would be so proud) continues. One of the latest innovations to throw its hat into the ring? The TopStyler by Instyler, a new way to "set" your hair, using clip-like "C-shells" instead of rollers.
The "C-shells" are essentially heated ceramic clips that claim to curl your hair and leave it with "no damage." To use the product, you essentially create pin curls with your fingers, and then clamp them with the C-shells, letting them set the hair until they cool — essentially working the same way as hot rollers.
Sounds promising, right? Well, to find out if actually deliver, we asked our lovely East Coast editorial assistant, Seija Rankin, to put them to the test and report back. Watch as Seija tries out her rolling skills, and see if the TopStyler gets a "pass" or a "fail."
Instyler TopStyler, $119, available at Try TopStyler.

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