The Most Unexpected Source For Top Beauty Buys

Think hard: Where was the most unexpected place you’ve found awesome beauty products? When we say "place," of course, we don't mean the bins full of cheap nail polish in the Forever 21 checkout line. We're talking about a spot that seems to have nothing in common with Sephora but can actually take your beauty game to a new level.
Our sneaky site, well, it just might surprise you: the arts-and-crafts store. Turns out, it’s not just a shop for art students and daycare teachers — beauty addicts can get so much bang for their buck at places like Michaels, A.C. Moore, or Hobby Lobby. So, if you find scrapbooking a little dull but you never tire of gluing interesting things on your nails, you need to give the ol' arts-and-crafts store some serious consideration.
The beauty of this resource (besides the cheap prices) is that it allows you to get truly creative. While everyone else is limited to the contents of the nail-art kit they bought at Walmart, you can whip up a look that's entirely unique and totally you. Simply go in with an open mind and a bit of imagination, and you’ll find plenty of items that can give your beauty game a crafty twist. Just be prepared to answer every "Where did you get that?" with a confident "Hobby Lobby — seriously.”

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