This Is Our Jam Premieres: Cookies, “Crybaby” (Featuring Colin Stetson)

Cookies is the relatively new project from former Mobius Band member Ben Sterling. With their new single, “Crybaby,” the band has concocted a slinky piece of immediately-catchy electro-funk — that is before Colin Stetson (touring member of The Arcade Fire and Bon Iver), makes his appearance known by unleashing a warbling bass saxophone whose manic intensity threatens to steal the whole show. While the sax may have had a minor renaissance over the past year, it’s still great hearing a guy like Stetson who can make the instrument sound like a herd of elephants and a night at the club — all in the same solo. Interestingly, the B-side on the “Crybaby” single is an entirely different take on the same song. Download side A below, and may your Monday be that much more saxy.

Cookies—Crybaby [MP3]

“Crybaby” (Featuring Colin Stetson)

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