Tom Cruise's Kid Is Nowhere Near As Crazy As He Is (In Fact, He's Kind Of Awesome)

In all this TomKat hullabaloo, the tabloids and culture critics have rehashed Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' relationship, Tom's erratic behavior, and even his marriage to Nicole Kidman ad nauseum. Aside from Katie's swift, well-planned exit, nothing has surprised us — until we met Connor Cruise.
Tom's 17-year-old son — whom he adopted with Nicole Kidman — isn't the Xenu-devoted, E-Meter-reading, sheltered celebrity child that anyone following the Cruise Crisis might expect. Connor's Twitter feed reads like any other feisty teenager's: He loves DJing (under the moniker DJ C Squared), he posts Instagram photos of his pals, he heads to South by Southwest to see his favorite bands, and he invites Kirstie Alley to family gatherings. (Okay, so almost like any other teen.)
So, his thoughts on his dad's recent paparazzi fracas? "‪#LaFamilia‬ Always. Friends Come And Go, But Family Is Forever," Cruise Jr. retweeted on July 1. He then wished Jaden Smith a happy birthday, and waxed poetic on grilling. If only his dad was so laid-back...
Photo: Via TheConnorCruise's Twitter

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