How To Raise A Houseplant & Make It Love You Back

Authors Erin Harding and Morgan Doane became plant friends over Instagram. Initially, only knowing each other by their social media handles, they solidified their cross-country bond by sending plant cuttings to each other through the post.
Their shared love of plants inspired them to create an online community, House Plant Club, where plant lovers worldwide can use the hashtag #houseplantclub to share photos of their green children, as well as tips for plant care.
This month, they release their own book, an easy-to-follow guide called How To Raise A Plant And Make It Love You Back. It offers expert plant care advice for newbie plant parents and fun projects to try at home, like DIY terrariums (a pretty glass container for your plants), pinch pots, peg boards, and plant arrangements for the ultimate Instagram shelfie.
Ahead, Erin and Morgan share their tips and tricks for raising succulents, cacti and monstera deliciosa – and making them love you back.