Easy, Cheap Ways To Make Your Dorm Feel You

06_IMG_2847Photographed by Christy Kurtz.
Decorating a new space can be simultaneously liberating and exhausting. But, making a place feel like home when you know you won't be staying very long brings a whole other level of decor challenges. Dormitories — the quintessential makeshift home of nearly all college students — fall into this category. But, as Teen Vogue taught us this week, it doesn't have to be as nightmarish as it seems.
For the bed, the publication recommends opting for affordable duvet covers. Stick with something simple for the temporary space, and upgrade to something statement-making when you have a bit more space and won't have to compete with a roommate who's got a penchant for paisley. With a clean slate, you’re free to add color and personality in pops by mixing and matching sheets, throw pillows, and blankets. This also makes it super easy to redecorate each year, should the design mood strike.
Since it's also kind of a bummer that dorm walls are typically a no-paint zone, wall art is your safest, and best, bet. And, should your inner interior decorator be aching for more, try hanging your best necklaces, hats, scarves, etc. on (temporary) hooks to display them like works of art. Best of all: When you're ready to move on up, these solutions will have acted as trial and error for when it's time for things like paint, nails, and — gasp — candles you can actually light.
For the full list of pointers, which also includes advice on bathroom storage, flea-market foraging, and DIY art tips, check out the link ahead. (Teen Vogue)
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