Coco's New Line, Jersey Shore Invasion, and Gisele Did Kung Fu While 9 Months Pregnant

We'd be pissed too if our ears suddenly sprouted palm-length fangs. Ouchie. Liz Collins for Numero. (Fashion Copious)
What does the next Kate Moss look like? Well, gorgeous, duh. (Daily Mail)
Did you catch the premiere of Kell on Earth ? Fashionista did, and boy was it a doozy. (Fashionista)
Check out who won free studio space in the CFDA's Fashion Incubator awards! (WWD)
Coco Rocha's new line might be a little "Disney Princess Done Badly," but we're loving what she named it— Rococo . (The Cut)
Think that Jersey Shore mania is over until next season? The NYT wrote up an entire article on how you we won't be able to escape its sweaty, creepy grasp. (NYT)
Going short might be hot right now, but the girls at Vena Cava are obsessed with butt-length, Greek-goddess hair. (Viva Vena Cava)
"I kept myself in good shape during the entire pregnancy, with a healthy diet, doing yoga and meditation, doing kung fu [until nine months pregnant]. I gained some weight, but I kept using almost the same clothes with some little adjustments to fit the belly." —Gisele Bundchen is really good at making us regular people feel mediocre. (Fashionologie)

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