5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 29 2012

Who needs a time machine when you're Claudia Schiffer? Peep the supermodel in a reprise of her Guess campaign gig from 23 years ago, for the brand's 30th anniversary — homegirl hasn't aged since 1989. (Vogue UK)
ANTM who? André Leon Talley has a new reality TV show, and this time it's all his own. Guess how ALT will be sharing his wisdom this time around. (The Cut)
Twenty artists revisit the third grade and the sacred art of disrupting class in Little Paper Planes. Sure, these babies are much more fancy than the ones you knew as a kid, but we still don't suggest throwing them at work. (Cool Hunting)
Joseph Altuzarra confirmed his collaboration with J.Crew, which will hit stores "in a few weeks." Hands up if you're envisioning the stampede from The Lion King. (Fashionologie)
It's confirmed! H&M is in fact starting up another brand, but no word yet if it'll be their luxury arm. (WWD)
Photo: Via Vogue UK

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