These Citrus Fragrances Smell Like Sunshine In A Bottle

Sinking your teeth into the tart, juicy flesh of a lemon might make your eyes tear. Applying its acidic pulp directly to your skin might destroy your moisture barrier. Squirting orange in your eye while cutting up slices might sting like hell. Squeezing a lime in the sunshine might land you with phytophotodermatitis, which is almost worth it for a fresh margarita not from concentrate. But the downsides end there: Citrus fruits taste good, smell good, and are good for you.
Key lime, Persian lime, lemon, mandarin orange, bitter orange, sweet orange, pomelo, tangerine; you name it, it's delicious, and has well-documented nutritional benefits, too. But a good citrus fragrance isn't easy to find. Capturing the bright, sunshine-y, happy-making essence of the real thing is a challenge that often results in something that smells more like Lysol than fresh-squeezed lemonade. But these few standouts really do citrus justice in evoking the real deal, not some bogus version of it that mostly just smells like someone cleaned the floors.

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