Chung Irks Wintour, Seize sur Vingt Heads West, and Scott Goes to Bedrock

Paper and Mark Hunter provide photographic evidence of Jeremy Scott's aforementioned archeological survey of the Flintstones.
Our beloved NoLita men's store, Seize sur Vingt, is joining the luxe retailers over on Soho's Greene Street.
The UK's Daily Mail, a tabloid we have come to love and distrust, says Anna Wintour, "did little to hide her disdain as she perched alongside Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof," at the Twenty8Twelve show. Yes, the pictures tell thousands of words, but we imagine she's have the same look on her face were she sitting next to Katie Grand and Jesus.
French lawmakers—because they apparently have all the time in the world—have drafted legislation requiring that any publication or advertiser attach a disclaimer to any retouched fashion photos or else risk a hefty fine. Rumor is they're also working on similar legislation to restrict the use of colored contact lenses, makeup, and Autotune.
The whole Mark Fast regular-to-plus-size-models brouhaha continues to expand and unravel like a big, tasty Bloomin' Onion. Mmm, Bloomin' Onion.
An icky new theory about the sad 2008 death of model Ruslana Korshunova has it that she was pushed out of her ninth-story apartment window to cover up the theft of her hair!
Starworks collects NYFW favorites from those in the know like Horatio Silva, Indigo Clarke, and… wait a sec—that redhead looks awfully familiar.
That dead chicken someone sent Derek "Dizzy" Blasberg was actually a work of art. Now we can rest at night.
Twilight Fashion Week? How about "no"? Does "no" work for you?

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