Get Schooled In A Little R29 History (And Find Out What Makes Our EIC Tick!)

It's easy for pretty much anything in the fashion world to seem mysterious and otherworldly. Certainly the designs of Alexander McQueen make us marvel at what human hands can do, publications like Vogue make us inspired by what a group of sharp minds (and great eyes!) can create, and Lady Gaga, well, makes us scratch our heads...with delight. We'd totally love to join the mythology and say that R29 was immaculately conceived or, like the goddess Athena, we were somehow cleaved from the head of Zeus (er, Karl Lagerfeld?). But really, like most everyone else, our beginnings were quite humble, beginning with a tiny infant of an idea that needed a whole lot of time, devotion, and love to become what it is today. Our very own editor-in-chief, Christene Barberich, recently sat down with the blog Exposed Zippers to talk about the site's early days, how it found its own footing in a sprawling online world, and, as always, what we want our readers to take away from each and every article, every single day. Oh, and you might be a little surprised at what job Christene would have if she wasn't an editor (hint: It involves something fluffy!) (Exposed Zippers)

Photo: Via Exposed Zippers

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