5 Tips To Get The Best Wardrobe Ever

When you think of an editor-in-chief's closet, it's easy to envision one the size of an apartment — and a large one, at that. But, our very own Christene Barberich lives in Brooklyn, so she makes her small space work to the max. Yes, her style is impeccable, but it's even more impressive once you see how well her wardrobe is curated and kept. In fact, a lot of planning and purging was involved, and our friends at Cotton weren't going to let all that effort go unnoticed. That's why, in this edition of Closet Close-Up, our EIC is throwing open the doors to her vault and dishing out five tips to make your closet the best ever. Keep reading, and then watch the video to see it all.
1. Divide and conquer: "In tight spaces, things need to be as organized as humanly possible. I love breaking up wardrobe staples into categories: blazers, trousers, dresses — you get it. It's easy to pull a whole look together when everything's separated from left to right (or right to left, if that's your thing) instead of digging through endless hangers for your favorite cardi. You know it's in there somewhere, but where?"
2. Let cotton be your guide: "You can't beat natural fabrics, especially cotton. They last a long time, feel great year-round, and there's nary a dry-cleaning bill — a cotton blouse will hold its shape for eternity. Whether it's crisp button-downs, slim pencil pants, or bejeweled, textured vests, cotton really is the foundation of a flexible, long-wearing wardrobe. Seriously, those pieces will never, ever let you down."
3. Pretty on the outside: "Show off your favorite, prettiest pieces, so you smile when you open up your closet. Put your best shoes front and center (even if you don't wear them every day), and hang beauties like vintage dresses or kooky coats on the door. Your wardrobe should be your happy place, and leading with items you love will ensure it always gives good vibes."
4. Think like a stylist: "No matter how busy you are, take an hour or two every few weeks to put some items together. Yes, great outfits can come together in a heartbeat, but it's usually when you're the shortest on time (Monday mornings, anyone?) that nothing seems to hit the mark — and you end up with a big heap on the floor. Bottom line: It pays to preplan a few great looks, even if it's just blazers over printed blouses or a long dress under an oversized sweater. Chances are, you'll never be late again."
5. Purge and repeat: "I think I've said this before, but it's well worth repeating: Clean your closet regularly. And, by that, I mean MONTHLY! Don't be that person who fears her closet — because that sucks. You'll never feel good about yourself if all you see in there is clutter and confusion. Take a day, grab a friend, and get real. Toss everything that takes the wind out of your sails, and make a list of all the pieces you think will round out the wardrobe you've always wanted. You can chip away at it over time and update it as your tastes change and new trends emerge. Everything that surrounds you should reflect who you are in this moment, and who you want to be. With a little refining, your closet can help you get there."
Got all that, loves? Okay, good. Now, hit play to watch our EIC in action, and let the good tips roll!

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