How We Learned To Love Healthy Living

Pop quiz: What's the last thing you feel like doing after a long day at work? Was your answer "cook dinner"? We hear you. While working magic over the stove can be a great way to unwind, it's usually far easier to hit "submit" on our go-to Seamless order. And, can you blame us? Between shopping for healthy food, cooking said food, making it to the gym, and squeezing in alone time, living healthy might as well be an extra full-time job.
That's why we called up the queen of balanced living herself, Serena Goh, blogger at The Spicy Stiletto. She actually has made a full-time job out of juggling work and health. But, that wasn't always the case. Before finding her true calling, this fashionable foodie logged 10-plus hours a day in tech and finance, only whipping up meals after hours to decompress. When cooking became more than just a way to unwind, she ditched the corporate gig and made her passion project a priority — and a profession. (Couldn't we all use a little bit of that "me first" spirit?) So, we asked Goh to dish out some of her healthiest advice and give us the lowdown on what she stashes in her swoon-worthy new kitchen. Ahead, find everything you need for a lifestyle reboot — reading this story has serious health benefits.

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