Watch What Happens When Men Experience Labor Pain (Part 2)

UPDATE: Thought that video (below) was good? Well, here's the American version, and it might be our new favorite. The Lamaze breathing, the foot kicking, the cracked-up wives — it's all gold. And if neither of these have made the rounds of your office yet, congrats —you're officially the most popular person of the day.

Photo/Video: Via Vimeo.

In the so-called battle of the sexes, there is one major, important argument that continues to divide households: Does it hurt more to get kicked in the junk or to experience childbirth? Both sexes have fought long and hard to make the other see the validity of their argument (and to prove their pain is superior) but two brave and enterprising young Dutch dudes decided to take this issue to the next level by having a midwife simulate labor contractions on them using electro-stimulation.
The boys' goal was to prove that it couldn't be as bad as women complain it is. They seem a bit apprehensive at first, but still skeptical, and continue to rag on each other and laugh as the mini-contractions first start to come through. At the 4:30 mark, you can almost hear the midwife's inner monologue: "Oh you think this is funny, do you jackasses? Let's dial this mother up to 11 and see how you like it. WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?!" Things start to get interesting as the pain intensifies, and the guys' distress is clear as they realize there's another hour and a half of this torture ahead of them.
We watched this with a mix of joy, amusement, and sheer horror. (Those of us contemplating having kids were struck with the realization that this experience awaits.) Another relevant point to note is that these guys are just going through the contractions — there's a whole other part to this that includes, you know, pushing a living being the size of a pumpkin out of your body. So, yeah, sorry guys. We're sure getting a kick to the groin isn't a lot of fun, but it's got nothing on childbirth. We think the one guy sums it up at the end when he says, "I'm not sure I'm willing to put my wife through this and make her pregnant." Paging all school administrators looking to make their sex-ed classes a little more effective...(Thought Catalog)

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