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Do You Remember These Hilarious Vintage Commercials?

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Remember life before DVR? Actually, go back a lot further than that, back to the days when putting on your PJs and getting ready to watch The Cosby Show was a major event. Things were pretty good, right? And, the commercials, while they may have been annoying to you then, are oh-so amusing to watch now. To prove our point, we've got 12 old-school clips that are guaranteed to conjure up warm and fuzzy memories of days gone by. From Sheena Easton in a Chicago Health Club commercial to a yet-to-be-discovered Steve Carell posing as a Brown's Chicken employee, true entertainment just ahead.

Steve Carrell Hawks Brown's Chicken

Long before Steve Carrell was making us laugh on The Office, he was hawking Brown's Chicken's "cholesterol-free cooking." Between his hen-adorned hat, enthusiasm for the fried bird, and the fact that he was changing the restaurant's signage, you might almost believe he was a real employee. That is, if you were still living in 1989.

Scottie Pippen and the Luvabulls Chow On Mr. Submarine

There are several things in this commercial that make us scratch our heads, but nothing tops a towering sub in the middle of a basketball court. We get it Mr. Submarine. Your subs are almost as tall as Scottie Pippen. We're just glad all that carb-loaded, meaty goodness didn't go to waste — because there's nothing like a floor picnic with the Luvabulls.

Jim McMahon and "Refrigerator" Perry Suck Down Coke

This gem aired in the midst of Superbowl madness, and while the drug innuendos are flying, the only Coke these two NFL stars were enjoying was canned — the Classic formula included.

Sheena Easton Busts A Move At The Chicago Health Club

Basically, any kid who tuned into Duck Tales grew up a little bit faster thanks to Sheena Easton gyrating in a leotard at the Chicago Health Club. You better "strut."

Harry Caray Loves Mexican Food

Holy cow! Apparently, Harry Caray felt that La Preferida products were as exciting as a baseball game. What excites us? That stellar '80s cabinet filled with nothing but Mexican fare — and Caray's badass orange blazer.


Dispensa's Kiddie Kingdom = Childhood Memories

Truth: We went here when we were growing up, and if you lived or traveled to the oh-so-exotic western suburbs, then you probably did, too. Between the toy store, the haunted-house ride, and the rubber-ducky game, the place was pure magic.

R.I.P. Marshall Field's

It's been almost 10 years since Marshall Field & Company was acquired by Macy's, Inc., yet Chicagoans still can't get over it. All that remains of the famed department store are the iconic clock (on the corner of State and Washington) and the Walnut Room, host to countless meals and teas. Because the retail palace really shined during the holiday season, we thought we'd share this clip from Christmas past.

The Coolest Birthday Parties, Ever

Showbiz's combination of junk food and entertainment made it perfect for birthday parties. We've never been able to forget that creepy talking gorilla.

The Celebrity Favored Brew

We're so distracted by all of the stars — from Rodney Dangerfield to Robin Williams — that we almost missed the fact that this was a commercial for light beer. Who do you recognize?

Time To Make The Donuts

Who doesn't remember Fred the Baker? Now that we're adults, we feel a lot like him when we set off of work each morning.

Dollar Days

Before dollar stores, there were dime stores. Woolworth was the place we'd score Bonnie Bell lip gloss and grab a Coke float — even the Dollar Tree can't compete with that.


Eagle Insurance

We couldn't possibly not include this gem in our roundup. While we're not sure we'd ever purchase insurance from a place with such a low-budget commercial, rest assured, we'll never forget the name. Well played, Eagle.

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