Chloë Moretz Looks Appropriately Crazy For Carrie Remake

When it comes to remakes, our general policy is to keep expectations low. But we might just have to break the rules for the new Carrie, starring Chloë Moretz and Julianne Moore.
The adaptation of the Stephen King book is a classic chiller, and we sincerely hope this version will have us shaking in our ankle boots when it comes out in March '13. So far, so good — Complex just released the first images courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, and we're sufficiently scared.
This is bound to be a career maker for Moretz, a young starlet who's already well on her way to the Hollywood Hall of Fame. The only thing is that with that face, we can hardly imagine her being unpopular in school — especially since Tavi proved to tweens around the country that weird is actually cool. Sissy Spacek's performance in the original is going to be really tough to beat (one of our faves on film), but Chloë, if you're reading, we're all rooting for you!
Pop on over to Complex for more info and an equally creepy photo of Julianne Moore as Carrie's fundamentalist mother. Do you think the remake can do justice to the original?
Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

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