What Creativity Does For Us

"How do you capture the tragic, beautiful loneliness of existence, and the complete, ecstatic joy of existence?" asks Caroline Shaw. Shaw was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for music in 2013, making her the youngest ever recipient of the award. She explains in this video that music helps her tackle some of life's loftiest questions.
It's not unusual to use creative pursuits as a way of finding meaning, the way Shaw does. Creative thinking can help us solve problems, accomplish difficult tasks, and it can even give our busy selves a chance to rest. Shaw describes how music can quickly transport us from something chaotic to something structured — and it can do so in a way that has meaning and significance. "It's such a powerful way of touching this part of ourselves that is impossible to describe, but as humans we are trying to describe it all the time," she adds. You can listen to Shaw's music on her website.

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