A-Listed: Cardi B Bought Her Mom A House

Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images.
Welcome to A-Listed, where we take you inside the mansions, shacks, apartments and houses (remember that elementary school game, MASH?) of Hollywood's elite. Okay, fine, so there are probably not going to be too many shacks in the mix. What there will be, however, are hefty price tags, eccentric decor, insane swimming pools, and occasionally, some tabloid-worthy gossip about your favorite celebs.
Is there a time of year when celebs aren't, in the words of the inimitable Cardi B, making money moves? Even as we head into the supposedly slower-paced holiday season, stars are buying, selling, and in the case of one former Girls star, renting out properties in New York, California, and beyond. And speaking of Cardi, you won't believe what she bought her mom for Christmas. Yeah, no offense, but you may wanna rethink that re-gifted candle you were planning on presenting to yours. Or, um, at least add a cute homemade card or something?
Read on for a sneak peek of Cardi's mom's new spot, plus more home news (and mansion porn) from the likes of Lena Dunham, Eva Longoria, and Zosia Mamet.