This Is Our Jam: Captain Murphy, Feat. Aziz Gibson & Jeremiah Jae, "Immaculation"

Speculation over who exactly Captain Murphy is (Flying Lotus? Someone new entirely?) will likely cease when his debut album, Duality, drops later this month, but, in the end, does it really matter? What we've already heard from the gravely voiced mystery man is enough to get excited about.
His newest single, "Immaculation," also features Brainfeeder rappers Aziz Gibson and Jeremiah Jae, who add their rhymes to the crackling old-school beat. Yet, while Gibson and Jae hold their own, it's still Murphy's macabre free associations that wins out the day: "I came up to the cabin the woods just to eat up all the porridge," he raps before throwing in an Evil Dead reference. Spooky.
Captain Murphy—Duality
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