Calvin's New Face, Models' New Furs, And Kanye's Rant Against Bloggers

Hanneli Mustaparta shoots models off-duty for Vogue. Seems like nothing goes better with Converses than gazillion-dollar furs. (Vogue)
Olivier Theyskens = Fashion's version of My So Called Life ? (WSJ)
Dash those dreams you harbored for bargain Balmain. Affordable glitzy-grunge was only a pipe dream. (Vogue UK)
Holy Plastic-Face, Calvin Klein! (Cityfile)
Livejournal community, Fashin, discovers an "Obama"-colored henley at Urban Outfitters. Ack. (Fashin)
It's funny to me when fashion bloggers down our oufits and then super jock outlandish shit on the runway but then they dress mad prude and don't live fashion. We live it man. F*** that, we live it!!! We live it so hard people live through us!" —Kanye West, being classy, as per usual. (Sassybella)

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