Bumble Teases Us, We’re Okay With It

Welcome to the subject of our of latest office betting pool — we got this video save-the-date teaser from our friends over at Bumble and bumble late last week, and ever since, the R29 beauty department has been abuzz by this mini-mystery.
What does it all mean? Bearing in mind the title ("The Powder Room"), and the colorful reveal at ten seconds in, our best guess is... dare we say it? We think Bumble and bumble could be releasing their bestselling hair powder in pastels. Seems like a natural fit for our favorite downtown beauty brand — we'll keep you updated as we hear more later this month!
UPDATE: We just received the official invite from the brand, and it says they'll be launching Hair Powder, Prêt à Powder, and Spraychalk at the event, so looks like our guess was on track!

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