Bryanboy In The Great Lakes, Jane On Jane, And Lohan Vs. 'Pooty

Myf Shepherd is a black-and-white sexy beast in Numéro . (Fashion Gone Rogue)
Ex-Lindsay-Lohan pal Patrick "Pooty" Aufdenkamp denies stealing her designs saying that he is "far too creative to need or want these designs of 'her's' that simply don't exist." That's pretty harsh there, Pooty. (Perez Hilton)
Meanwhile, Lindsay herself may have ripped off designs by Black Milk Clothing and Jen Kao, prompting testy responses by all involved. Admit it. This is fun. (Fashionista, WWD)
Heidi Klum follows up her second child with two—count 'em—maternity lines. (Style News)
H&M says it will stop destroying unworn, unsold clothing, which, let's face it, was pretty shameful. (City Room)
Jane Keltner of Teen Vogue fawns over Jane Alridge of Sea of Shoes and her new collaboration with Gryphon. (Teen Vogue)
Donatella Versace is auctioning off a semester-long internship for charity. The wealthy lucky winner will get college credit, do some paperwork, and experience a lifetime's worth of Italian profanities. (FWD)
Kate Moss has taken up synchronized swimming! (Elle UK)
A modern-day The Man Who Fell to Earth, Bryanboy enjoys American adventures in the great state of Michigan. (Paper)
"When I first started at [British] Vogue [around 1987] you'd get all the clothes in, have your rail and you'd make looks. Whereas now the designers do the looks. You can't mix Chanel now with other designers—the power of advertising is that if you don't do it in the way that they want you to shoot it then the magazines become scared that they'll lose the cash."—Marc Jacobs creative director, stylist, and photographer Venetia Scott. (Fashionologie)

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