You Know You Want To…Bring It On: The Musical Ends This Weekend

Bring it On
A show of hands: How many of you have a soft spot for Glee? Or for cheesy dance (or cheerleading) movies? Or call yourselves musical theater geeks? Or feel a tiny bit moved to tears by those inspirational sports movies all about the triumph of the human spirit?
If you said yes to any of those, try heading over to the historic Orpheum Theatre to check out the very last days of Bring It On: The Musical, which closes its curtain for good this weekend. Believe us. We went, and, well, we kind of loved it!
The humorous cult-movie-turned-musical will let you relive those crazy high school days with, well, glee, thanks to the athletic actors' displays of over-the-top campy rivalries, impressive cheerleading and gymnastic skills, and insane energy. Plus, it's all set to an original score and the audience is often stuffed with entire cheer squads, which we find somewhat fascinating.
Peep the dwindling show schedule here and get ready to get your Ra-Ra-Sis-Boom-Bah on!

When: Ends Saturday, January 7

Where: Bring It On, the Musical at the Orpheum Theatre, 1192 Market Street (between Hyde and Grove streets); 888-746-1799.

Price: $31-$200; Purchase your tickets here.

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