11 Things You Should Never Say To A Bride

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
I'd been covering weddings at Refinery29 for about six months when my boyfriend proposed to me last summer. We were on vacation in Big Sur, California, and I had no idea he'd been carrying around a diamond ring in his pocket for weeks, waiting for the right moment. He asked, I said yes, and we spent the rest of the day (and the trip) grinning at each other like idiots. Very happy idiots.
And then...we got home. That's when I started to realize that planning a wedding can have some very strange side effects, even if you consider yourself to be a low-maintenance bride. It can turn an otherwise rational human being into a highly sensitive, insecure weirdo. With my own wedding fast approaching, I've compiled a list of 11 things you should never say to a bride — and some of them might surprise you. Have you made these faux pas without even realizing it? Find out, ahead.

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