Say What? Yup, The Brozilian Is Exactly What You Think It Is

If you thought Tim Tebow hitting up the nail salon was whack, then you’re really going to be thrown by this one: male bikini waxing is seeing a spike in popularity — and we're including the services that take it all off, here.
We've heard of male waxing before, but it has never been nearly as accepted or prevalent as it is right now. So, what's causing this below-the-belt boom? While many brozilian (yes, really) waxees just like keeping it fresh and clean down there (just like us ladies), many dudes see waxing as reciprocating. Evan Scott, 32, interviewed by The New York Times, has been getting his situation taken care of for more than two years now. “If I have that expectation of someone else, I probably would want to return the favor,” he said. However, not all men are as democratic about their man parts — many see waxing as an opportunity to accentuate the main event, an optical illusion of sorts. (Nice try, but we know what we’re looking at.)
We can't pretend we're not intrigued by guys taking the opportunity to de-fuzz (or in some cases, de-shrub — but we’re not judging!) what they’ve got going on in their trousers, but there is one down-there service that we are not on board with: penazzling. Like its sparkly or feathery vajay-jay counterpart, some spas offer post-wax crystal application. For men. We like that you’re willing to keep it clean, guys, but steer your jewel-covered junk elsewhere. (NYTimes)

Photo: Via New York Times

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