Boxed Lunch: Mobile Lepore, Feline Street Style, and Lifting and Separating

pmlinks0826Amanda Lepore is the ideal spokesthing for Jawbone, mostly because she can't lift her hands high enough to get the phone to her ear. (Gawker)
On the subject of artificial chesticles, Tara Reid unveils her new fashion line. Yes, the news is exactly that slow today. (Pop Culture Madness)
Oh mah ceilin cat, teh Katorialist capturd mah awsum street stilez! Must mak dat mah profile piccur! (Jezebel)
The ass bra is just another piece of shape-lifting technology you'll have to explain to the next guy you take home. (NYMag)
And you never thought they'd create something to out-dork the Segway. Silly you. (Wired)
Albert Hammond Jr. is too busy with his fashion line, solo projects, and engagement to Agyness Deyn to even remember what a "Stroke" is. (NYMag)

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