Boxed Lunch: MC Karl, Barneys by the Moment, and Searching for Horyn

karl_main1Can Karl Lagerfeld get a "What what?" (FWD)
Inside the shaggy head of Alexander Olch. (Valet)
While stopping into the Rick Owens store, Cintra Wilson compares a coat to, ""Youth and sex and butter all at the same time." Really, doing shop reviews is a waste of this woman's talents. (NYTimes)
Thanks guys, we've actually been searching for the perfect M65 jacket for at least a decade. (We Are The Market)
Frenzy. Frustration. Unsatisfied lust. Yep, it's a blow-by-blow account of the Barneys warehouse sale. (NYMag)
Trends—still dying. (JC Report)
Cellphone ankle straps—combining the best in uselessness, inconvenience, awkwardness, and tackiness. (Gadgenista)
Cathy Horyn, you haven't posted in weeks. Are you on vacation? Are you hurt? Pinned under a bookcase somewhere? We're worried. Call us. (NYTimes)

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