Boxed Lunch: Dangerous Curves, Westwood Rocks, and Saunders for Target

pmlinks0903Nylon gets the shots of the rest of the Jonathan Saunders collection for Target and it's everything we could have hoped for. (Nylon)
Why buy jewelry when you can just grow it? (Huffington Post)
Battle stations! The chaos begins. Are you ready? (Village Voice)
On the same note, fashion bloggers discuss their Fashion Week wardrobes. Us? We're wearing burlap sacks just to mix things up a bit. (Racked)
Missing the punk by only a couple of decades, Vivianne Westwood releases her first album. Rock on with your bad self, girl. (Vogue UK)
Are you ready to twist your body into the "curve"? (Times UK)
Racked visits the runway show set up by fashion's most hated blogger (sorta self declared) atop the Brooklyn Bridge. Harbor patrol reports that no one was fished out of the drink. (Racked)

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