Boxed Lunch: Cut and Slice, Freeman's Spelling Lessons, and Opening Ceremony's Athletic Gear

linkspm3img_080508How can you be as beautiful as the scary/hot composite to the left? Scalpels and a lot of money. (Pictured, NYMag)
Trends are dying? Maybe we should switch over to covering animal news. (JC Report)
Keeping with the DIY-painted-clothes trend, Ralph Lauren releases the "Paint Your Own Polo" package for kids. Might want to lay down some tarps first. (Cyana Trend Land)
The guys at the new Freeman's barbershop are almost as bad at speling spelling as we are. (Racked)
Opening Ceremony breaks down their Olympic uniform picks. (The Moment)
Dear Mr. Magnificent Bastard, whoever you are, you'd best lay off our beloved Style Guy. (Magnificent Bastard)

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