Box Lunch: YSL in SF, Buy into the Godfather of Soul, and Yupres R Us

The Cut gets the advance look at the Prozena Schouler sunglasses line&mash;coming soon to an Olsen near you. (NYMag)
The auction of James Brown's wardrobe was called a "disappointment." Apparently $35,000 for a blue satin cape, embroidered with "Thy Name Is Godfather of Soul" is considered a bargain. (Animal)
So we finally have a social category for all our amazing interns—Yupres! (Gawker)
Asian mullets—smaller and more efficient. (Asian Mullet)
Fake Rachel Zoe stalks Fake Karl Lagerfeld. A fake restraining order is in the works. (Fake Karl)
The division between Guidos and the rest of the world is defined by how long you can hold on to your gold chains. (Overheard in New York)
Look, if your crap sofa or chair implodes in six months, you can always make a skirt out of your Ikea goods. (Ikea Hacker)
The YSL retrospective is headed to San Francisco, so book your tickets to the city by the bay. (Fashionista)
Vans is releasing an Iron Maiden hightop. Run to the Hills! (Black Book)
"Project Runway's" first cast off speaks. Someone has to lead the pack. (Racked)

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