Box Lunch: Spanning the World With Afternoon Links

Per usual, Karl Lagerfeld's Paris presentation of his newest Chanel collection is a master class on humility. (The Coolhunter)
The founder of a web travel guide falls out of love with paper guidebooks and recommends leaving them at home. Coincidence? (The Moment)

, the fashion current is riding the Spree river into Berlin. (NYMag)
Human-rights issues related to the Olympics are having an effect on French luxury brands. France is still yet to make an impact on the actual games themselves. (PSFK)
Russian schools may ban goth fashions for fear they might cause suicides. We assume the suicidal ones are those forced to look at the goths rather than the ones rocking black lace and purple hair. (Fashionista)
Iranian authorities organized a fashion show promoting "proper Islamic dress." Despite being release in resortwear-show season, the presentation was low on bikinis and A-lines. (Adnkronos)
In Britain, knives are becoming the must-have fashion item for teens. Very sharp indeed. (IOL NZ)

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