Box Lunch: Digital McQueen, Vagabond Jacobs, and Filthy Rich Picks

strongholdHanging tough (and tasteful) with the fashionable workwear of Stronghold. (Pictured, A Continuous Lean)
Despite her proven track record supporting torture, Anna Wintour is backing Obama. (NYMag)
Fashion blogging, Saynt vs. Coutorture aside, continues to get hard and dirty. We padlock our offices, in case you were starting to get ideas. (Black Book)
Marc Jacobs was accidentally booted from a Chelsea gallery when a staffer mistook him for someone "scruffy and homeless" when he merely looked "scruffy and homeless." It's all about the fine lines. (NY Post)
Always picking brains, the Moment gets into the grey matter of Christopher Tennant, the author of The Official Filthy Rich Handbook. (The Moment)
The new Alexander McQueen online retail site offers a virtual model that can try on virtual wardrobes for you—just like playing with dolls! (Men.Style)
No need to get defensive, Warren Beatty has always been on on our cool list —well, except for Town and Country…and Bullworth…and Ishtar…and…(Kempt)
Not only has Victoria Beckham's men's line been scrapped before debuting, but her denim line isn't finding any buyers. Schadenfreudatastic! (Brandish)

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